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SmartZone Technology xlSmartZone Technology is a suite of new applications that allows media buyers to clearly define and evaluate true household penetration and market reach impact. SmartZone provides more accurate and actionable data in the early stage of planning.

The number of publications and distribution products from newspapers has doubled in the past five years and this trend will continue.  SmartZone Technology eliminates the need to manually collate, aggregate and calculate multiple, disparate data points across publications with different placement rules.

With the consolidation and contraction of newspaper operations, media planners must have the most up to date and actionable placement rules with tools to conduct real-time analysis.  This pace of change is what drove the need for SmartZone, the first technology of its kind in the media industry.

This new technology saves time and money on media plan revisions, and saves significant costs through more accurate print quantities.  SmartZone provides media analysts with clear placement data for comparison to sales results.

The collection of SmartZone Technology’s new enhancements to Snapshot™ includes:

  • Buy Report/Aggregation Options—User-defined Buy Reports that aggregate full campaign counts and eliminate manual compilation of data
  • Household Counts and Penetration Reports—Household penetration at the Zip and placement zone levels
  • Audit Variance and Backfill— AAM and CAC data for comparison
  • Split Zip Solution—both Zip-level and zone totals for clearer and more effective target placements


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